Are You Wanting Greater Unity For Those In Your Department?

Posted on: 8 July 2019


Are you the manager of a department at your place of business? If so, that more than likely means that you have many different types of people under your supervision. Perhaps you feel that there is not a feeling of camaraderie among the workers, a feeling of unity. If that's the case, from creating opportunities right in the office for your department members to get to know each other to arranging for fun team building activities, here are some ideas that might help you.

Create Opportunities In The Office — Obviously, the focus in the office is to accomplish job-related work. Think about which jobs could be best accomplished with teams of two people or even in groups. Seek the strengths of individuals in your department and pair them with others who could use some additional training. 

One idea is to have a spot each day to acknowledge things like your workers' hobbies and their interests. Get each person to fill out a low-key questionnaire where each person tells what his or her favorite things to do are. Find out about each person's family, things like how many kids a worker has and what his or her family enjoys doing.

You could even make fun announcements like Sue's little girl lost her first tooth. Does anybody want to pitch in a quarter for the tooth fairy? See how light fun can help workers to get to know each other better? That will more than likely build unity right in the office.

Fun Team Building Events — Another idea is to plan an event outside of the office. For example, think of hiring a service that will actually put together fun team building activities for your group. If you decide to do that, let the agent from the event facility know how many employees will be participating. Of course, you'll also want to give exact information like the date and time you'd like to have the event.

The team building activities might be as simple as having old fashioned games like three-legged races, tug-o-wars, and relay races. Or there might be more contemporary activities where the employees will encourage each other to accomplish different physical challenges. Your workers will cheer those who are successful and will more than likely make those who didn't quite make it feel just fine about that as well.

Arranging for a fun team building event by professionals will obviously cost more than the activities you do at work, but the resulting unity among the people in your department will probably be worth every penny. Contact a company like Paint Cabin to learn more about fun corporate events near you.