Selecting An Appropriate DJ For Your Event

Posted on: 3 March 2016


If you are hosting an event in the near future, you may have considered hiring entertainment to keep guests enthralled during their stay. Many people hire disc jockey services to play music during happier events. Since events vary in intensity, hiring the right person for the job will be key in keeping guests entertained throughout the event. Here are some tips to consider when hiring a disc jockey service so you end up with entertainment that fits the crowd.

Do An Interview Beforehand

The best way to find a disc jockey that will work with the crowd is to interview several beforehand. Ask each service to speak to the exact person who will be present at the event as you will want to get a feel for their personality and how they may interact with people. If you are hosting a child's party, you will want to hire someone non-threatening who seems to enjoy the younger set. On the flip side, a disc jockey who normally plays in nightclubs may not be best for a retirement party scenario.

Talking to the disc jockey about their past performances may give you an idea whether you click with their style. You will want someone upbeat as they will be the person getting people out on the dance floor with their banter and music selections. If someone seems too withdrawn, pass them by and select someone else.

Ask About Music Selection

Knowing what music a disc jockey has available will make a world of difference to those attending the event. If a disc jockey is limited in music choices, it will make an impact on the guests if they ask for requests. Ask each disc jockey how extensive their library is and whether they are able to get harder to find tunes if you give them a list of selections you would like played. If this flusters them, move on to someone who has the capability to get any song needed.

Some disc jockeys work with compact discs or turntables only, limiting their music playing capabilities. Finding someone who uses digital media is best as they are usually able to get any music style you desire, sometimes within minutes.

Find Out About Extras

When hosting an event, it is always nice to have a few extras available for guests besides just music. Ask each disc jockey what comes with their music package. Some will have lighting to help get guests into the mood to hit the dance floor. Others will bring along a screen to show off pictures or videos throughout the event. You may be able to give the disc jockey a flash drive with photos you would like to share, and they would display them on the screen while playing music.

Some disc jockeys have karaoke capabilities for those who want guests involved in the entertainment a bit more. They would have the fun of singing to the crowd, becoming a star in the process. See if the disc jockey offers props such as blow up guitars or sunglasses to hand out during popular tunes. Entertainment by James Grant Productions could be a good place to start when looking for DJ services.