2 Types Of Pool Table Fabric That Might Be Right For You

Posted on: 29 June 2015


If you've moved into a new home that features a game room, then like most, you've probably considered pool tables. Besides the size of the table, did you know that you should also consider the type of pool table fabric to purchase? 

Below are considerations that will help to guide your decision: 

Woolen Fabric

Did you know that various table models are outfitted with different grades of cloth? While wool is the main material that the cloth is made out of, the pile of the wool can vary. Also, some pool table cloths are made with blended materials. 

What if you'd like to purchase a simple table that you'll use strictly for fun inside of your personal game room? What if you just want to use the table as a way of entertaining guests who visit you for a day of kicking back at your house? Your best bet is to purchase a table that's covered in known as woolen cloth.

This is the type of cloth that's blended and is comprised of around 60% wool.  It's called woolen because it's notorious for developing balls and piles. It resembles the look of felt, but after extended periods of use, it will resemble a pair of cotton pajamas that has developed fabric balls after too many cycles in the washer and dryer.

You're going to see this type of cloth used on tables that are purchased by recreational centers like bowling alleys, or your local corner bar. You can have fun using a table covered in woolen cloth, but don't expect to win any serious awards using a table covered with this type of cloth! 

Worsted Fabric

If you're looking for a table to use at home that will allow you to practice for tournaments, then you definitely should purchase a table that's covered in worsted wool. This is the type of fabric that's knitted together like a fine suit. This is the type of pool table fabric that's known for its smooth surface, and speed.

In fact, this is the only type of fabric that's allowed to be used on tables in the professional player's game circuit. It's going to cost you a pretty penny to purchase this type of cover, but if you hope to win tournaments, then it's money well spent! 

As you can see, your purpose for buying a pool table will inform the type of cloth that's appropriate for the table.