Go Karting For Better Business

Posted on: 12 May 2015


Corporate functions should never be stuffy affairs that involve rubber chicken dinners and cold side dishes. The point of gathering employees together is to foster goodwill and promote better communication between departments and management. Boring dinners and endless meetings have the opposite effect, leading those in attendance to image themselves alone on an island where memos and mission statements cannot find them. Smart management offers employees entertainment opportunities to inspire positive attitudes and corporate loyalty.

Go Karting

A prime group activity is go karting. A speedy little go kart is the great equalizer, putting department heads and mail room personnel on the same level. Just climbing into a miniature race car makes the most pessimistic person smile. The actual racing gives participants the excitement of maneuvering around a track while avoiding the risks of the big car version. An afternoon at these races inspires friendly competition and healthy laughter. 

Mini Golf

Another great place for business meetings is the mini golf course. Perfect little wonderlands, these courses provide many charming obstacles the golfer must overcome. These outings are always great fun, but mini golf is also a good skill-building exercise. Some of these benefits are:

  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • More cardiovascular exercise
  • Better math skills
  • More patience
  • Improved strategy

Most of all, the benefit is stress-relieving fun and bonding with employees and employers. The pure joy of shedding adult responsibility for a few hours to golf through a maze of fantastical barriers makes the visit worthwhile. Creativity and positive attitudes then follow the employees home and to the office. 


A relaxed staff is a more creative one. Studies have shown that fun at work promotes productivity. Some corporations such as Google and LinkedIn offer activities like volleyball and ping pong on their campuses to give their employees a break from repetitive tasks. After playing an arcade game or two, workers return to their tasks with new energy and focus. Plus, employees with these recreational opportunities tend to be quite loyal to their companies. 

For those businesses without these on-site recreational activities, a visit off campus for a run at the go karts or a session of mini-golf serves the same purpose. These trips can lessen stress while promoting bonding among the staff. When the group members return to work, they take a more relaxed and productive approach to their jobs. 

Business and fun do mix.  Employees enjoying their work are happier, more positive people, and they take those good vibes to work with them. Talk to an event planner for more information on corporate event planning in Toronto.